Saturday, September 18, 2004

Meet George Bush
The most easily pleased person ever.

Kerry medals legit
Nothing to see here....

Friday, September 17, 2004

Lack of Updates
I apologize for the severe lack of updates recently. On Thursday, my computer succumbed to a huge virus and is currently in the shop for the weekend. I expect to have it back on Monday and will resume blogging at that time.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Coelho Criticizes Kerry Campaign
Tony Coelho, who ran Al Gore's campaign in 2000, had some harsh words to say about Kerry's campaign.

Longtime Democratic insider Tony Coelho lashed out at the John Kerry presidential campaign, characterizing it as a campaign in chaos. With yet another appointment of a former Clinton administration staffer to Kerry’s team on Tuesday, Coelho argues the problem is worsening.

“There is nobody in charge and you have these two teams that are generally not talking to each other,” says Coehlo, who ran Al Gore's campaign early in the 2000 presidential race. As Coelho and other detractors see it, there is a civil war within the Kerry campaign.

“Our problem here is a national message,” Coelho says. “What is it that we are? If you go to Kerry, that’s a disaster because the candidate should not be involved in solving disputes or the creation of his message."

Although I agree with Coelho in that Kerry's campaign is sagging due to the conflict between two teams giving conflicting advice (resulting in 'flip-flopping'), I'd have to disagree that the candidate should not be involved in the creation of his message. If anything, the candidate should be the only one involved in his message. Has politics really devolved this far that someone would imply that it is no business of the candidate to be involved in what he represents?
Then again, if we think back on how great the Gore campaign was, maybe Coelho's words gain a little bit of perspective.

Woman Hired By Kerry
An Alabama woman was fired from her job for having a Kerry bumper sticker on her car. Since then, Kerry has hired her as a campaign worker.

Kerry called Lynne Gobbell on Tuesday after reading a newspaper story describing how she had been fired last Thursday from her job packing cellulose insulation at a Moulton, Ala., plant.

Gobbell said her former employer had told her she could either work for him or Kerry. She said Kerry told her, "Let him know that as of today, you're working for John Kerry."

Already, John Kerry has created more jobs for this country than George Bush did in 4 years.

The Russian recovery
Students are already back learning in the school where the siege took place.

Speaking of Russia, let's here what Dick Cheney had to say about them:

"There's been in some circles . . . in Europe, for example, a lot of our European friends have been somewhat ambivalent about this whole proposition with respect to how we deal with these terrorist attacks," Cheney said. He had been asked at a town hall meeting here in southeast Iowa whether he believed the siege would prompt Russia to be more forthcoming in assisting the United States in fighting terrorism.

The vice president did not directly mention any foreign governments that have refused to support the war in Iraq. But he said, "I think some of them hoped that if they kept their heads down and stayed out of the line of fire that they wouldn't get hit."

"What happened in Russia has demonstrated conclusively that everyone is a target," he said. "I think there will be a higher degree of cooperation from all countries as we move forward."

To suggest that the Russians haven't been aggressive in the war on terror is ludicrous. But not nearly as much as Cheney's implication as to the motives of terrorists in Russia. For those who don't know, terrorists didn't attack Russia because they consider it a beacon of freedom (which would be quite the compliment to that country). They attacked Russia, and have been attacking Russia since well before 9/11, because of the Chechen separatist situation. And to say that Russia has "kept their head down," when they've lost over 3,000 soldiers in the battle with Chechnya, is just a slight stretch.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Amusement of the Day
Someone went to the trouble of piecing together various clips of President Bush's speeches and now, you can hear him singing U2's Sunday Bloody Sunday.

Nader On FL Ballot
Nader is back on the ballot in Florida, despite the fact that he legally cannot be. Why?

In a memo to Florida's 67 county supervisors of elections, Division of Elections director Dawn Roberts said the uncertainty of Hurricane Ivan, which could hit parts of the state by week's end, forced her to act.

So let me get this story straight. Ralph couldn't get enough signatures to be on the Florida ballot. Then the Division of Elections, a board entirely appointed by Jeb Bush, decides that Nader should be allowed on the ballot because of the hurricane? It must have gone like this: "Hmm, I don't know if he should be allowed on the ballot or not. I'm going to turn on the Weather Channel for a minute... Oh shit, that hurricane is going to miss most of the state and head for the panhandle?! Well, for the love of God, get that man on the ballot!"

Monday, September 13, 2004

Anarchy In The U.K.
Living in the US make you feel unsafe and at risk of terrorist attack? Just be glad you don't live in London.

A man dressed as Batman and campaigning for fathers' rights breached security at Buckingham Palace and is standing on a balcony of Queen Elizabeth II's central London home waving to the gathered crowd, Fathers 4 Justice said.

Jason Hatch, 33, with the help of his accomplice Robin, was able to scale the wall of Buckingham Palace using a ladder, John Ison, a spokesman for Fathers 4 Justice said by phone from outside Buckingham Palace. Robin was stopped by police armed with guns and couldn't complete the stunt, Ison said.

I don't know, though. If I was a police officer and I saw Batman scaling the side of Buckingham Palace, I might let it go too, figuring he was just protecting truth, justice, and the American way.

More About Alan Keyes
When it's a slow news time in the Presidential race and all anyone seems to care about is a weapons ban, what better to discuss than the always entertaining Obama-Keyes race?

"He voted three times to continue the practice of infanticide," Keyes said. "Could Christ do that? Obviously, since Barack Obama supports something that Jesus Christ couldn't support ... I'm arguing no Christian worth his name should vote for him."

That's right, ladies and gentlemen. Barack Obama supports killing babies. Alan Keyes '04!!

Get 'em while they're hot!
I have a game for everyone to play. It's called "Beat the terrorists to your local gun shop so you can stock up on AK-47's."

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Rumsfeld Misspeaks
In a speech delivered Friday, Don Rumsfeld accidentally replaced Osama bin Laden with Saddam Hussein.

"The leader of the opposition Northern Alliance, Masoud, lay dead, his murder ordered by Saddam Hussein, by Osama bin Laden, Taliban's co-conspirator."

Incidentally, this is the cause of the war in Iraq. Rumsfeld had actually meant to say "Let's invade the country where Osama bin Laden is from, while killing thousands of innocents" but he accidentally slipped and said Saddam. This is also similar to the time President Bush stood in a flight suit and said "Mission Accomplished" when he actually meant to say "This war is not even close to being over and we will be here for years, while thousands die in a war that I will later admit to be unwinnable."