Friday, October 08, 2004

Us Bloggers Love Controversy!
During the first debate, was Bush wired to someone, possibly Karl Rove, feeding him answers?

You decide...

Michael Moore Files Crime Report
In what may be one of the funniest things Michael Moore has ever done, he has filed a theft complaint with the Lansing City Police, claiming that both the brains and sense of humor of the Michigan Republican Party were stolen.

The brains were locked in a box where they were placed after the last moderate Republican governor of Michigan retired in 1980. The party's "sense of humor" was not valued at more than $100 and therefore its theft is considered a misdemeanor.

"I am concerned about the loss of these two items," Moore told reporters. "If there is anything I can do to help the Republicans find them, I will."

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of the Michigan Republicans' brains or sense of humor is asked to call CrimeStoppers at (269) 273-6467.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Moore Watch
Someone decided to make an anti-Mike Moore movie called "Fahrenhype 9/11." Wow nice work guys, how long did that title take to think of? I bet longer than it took to research the facts for your film. Also, the film was released on DVD on October 5, the same day as Moore's film. And I found out about this watching an MSNBC commercial break. Right after an ad for Fahrenheit 9/11 was the ad for Fahrenhype 9/11. Coincidence? I don't know...

In other Moore news, the Michigan Republican party is trying to arrest Mike for promising to give free underwear and ramen noodles to college students who signed up to vote. Moore had an excellent response.

"It's ironic that Republicans have no problem with allowing assault weapons out on our streets, yet they don't want to put clean underwear in the hands of our slacker youth," Moore said. "The Republicans seem more interested in locking me up for trying to encourage people to participate in our democracy than locking up bin Laden for his attacks on our democracy."

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Butterfly Ballot Redux

This is probably even more confusing than the butterfly ballot in Florida. Absolutely disgraceful.

Understanding the grimace
Some people have been asking, "Why didn't Cheney smile last night?" While it may seem that this made him look unfriendly, I think the Bush team told him not to. Why? Because when he does, he looks like this:

Notice the resemblance to a jack-o-lantern? On the other hand, here's Dick trying to look sexy:

VP debate winner undecided
It appears the polls are mixed:

An ABC News snap poll showed Cheney the winner, aided by a more-Republican audience, while a CBS News poll among undecided voters showed the opposite.

So the poll with more Republicans says Cheney won, and the poll with undecided voters with no current affiliations shows Edwards won. Man, this just blows my mind! I mean, how could one possibly analyze this? The Republicans think the Republican won, and the undecideds think the Democrat won. I guess it's a draw, then. Idiots. Here's some more of CNN's masterful reporting:

Mary Beth Cahill, Sen. John Kerry's campaign manager, said she thought Edwards won.

"I think that people looking at [Edwards tonight] found him tremendously convincing," she said.

Ken Mehlman, Bush's campaign manager, disagreed.

"I thought it was a great debate, and I thought the vice president won."

Wow, that's really interesting, CNN. Is it hard to maintain a news organization with your heads up your asses?

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

No Respect
Take a moment away from feeling uneasy about tonight's VP debates to acknowledge a much more depressing issue. Rodney Dangerfield has passed away at age 82.

Rumsfeld: clarity for a new millenium

When asked about any connection between Saddam and al Qaeda, Rumsfeld said, "To my knowledge, I have not seen any strong, hard evidence that links the two."

But a short time later, Rumsfeld released a statement: "A question I answered today at an appearance before the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) regarding ties between al Qaeda and Iraq regrettably was misunderstood.

"I have acknowledged since September 2002 that there were ties between al Qaeda and Iraq."


Allawi comes clean
TAPPED shows that perhaps Dr. Allawi isn't quite as optimistic as he recently appear.

Poland To Withdraw Troops
Poland Defense Minister Jerzy SzmajdziƄski had the following to say...

"Two and a half years of a stabilizing mission in Iraq is enough. The deadline should be the ending date of the 1546 UN resolution." According to SzmajdziƄski, the decision is a compromise between a political calendar and the possibilities of Polish army and it will not be influenced by the current situation in Iraq.

So I guess now we can forget Poland, Mr. Bush?

Down to the End
Perhaps we shouldn't be looking for one big October Surprise, but a series of smaller October surprises...

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Kerry's Latest Flip Flop
A new ad for Kerry directly calls Bush a liar.

"George Bush lost the debate," an announcer says in a television ad Kerry's campaign unveiled Saturday. "Now he's lying about it."

The Democratic presidential candidate's accusation comes two days after his first debate with Bush, when he told moderator Jim Lehrer that he avoids saying that the president is lying to the American people.

"I've never, ever used the harshest word, as you did just then," Kerry said. "And I try not to, but I'll nevertheless tell you that I think he has not been candid with the American people."

Of course, I don't disapprove of Kerry's decision to call Bush a liar. I think that using that word, more than skirting it with cute euphamisms, will make people realize how deceitful Bush has been.

Kerry Lampoons Bush
In a new addition to his campaign speeches, John Kerry has assumed the role of Bugs Bunny.

Kerry's campaign appearances now include a parody of Bush as an Elmer Fudd-type character who cannot speak clearly on the issue of the Iraq war.

'He keeps trying to say, "Well, we're-not-we-don't-no-we-don't-you-know, we don't want somebody who wants to leave [Iraq]"', Kerry told a cheering audience at a rally in Florida.

Oh that wascawy Kewwy....

Kerry's rice injury

A group of veterans has challenged the validity of the three Purple Hearts that Mr. Kerry received for wounds he suffered while serving on Swift boats in the Vietnam war. These critics suggested that the shrapnel that hit him in one mission was rice, not metal.

However, CT scan X-rays taken at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston document that two pieces of metal shrapnel are embedded deep in Mr. Kerry's left thigh, next to the femur, said Dr. Gerald J. Doyle, Mr. Kerry's personal physician in Boston who reviewed the X-rays at the request of this reporter, who is a physician. Doctors treating the wound in 1969 decided to leave the shrapnel in place. "One piece of shrapnel is about the size of a bullet, the other a bit smaller," Dr. Doyle said.