Saturday, November 06, 2004

Don't let the door hit you
Say goodbye to members of Bush's cabinet.
Confirmed so far:
Tommy Thompson, Tom Ridge, Cofer Black, Robert Blackwill, and Condi Rice.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Offensive stepped up in Falluja
As if on cue, the military has stepped up in Falluja shortly after the election. Who could've possibly predicted this...

Thursday, November 04, 2004

With new terms come new cabinet members. This comes as no surprise to anyone, but for some reason Bush's team seems to want to hide the fact that some people just get replaced sometimes. It happened with Tenet and now it's happening again.

Amid indications from senior aides that Attorney General John Ashcroft was likely to resign soon for health reasons, President Bush acknowledged Thursday that changes were inevitable in his Cabinet in a second term, and other Republicans said there would be new faces in some of the top jobs.

Everyone knew that Ashcroft could be getting the boot. Why do they have to blame it on health reasons? Oh that's right... almost forgot everyone in the administration is a pathological liar.

Via The New Republic
Beinart weighs in on what the Democrats should and shouldn't do - I tend to agree, notably here:

But cultural sensitivity is one thing; principle is another. In their attempts to win rural voters, Democrats have already essentially abandoned gun control. That doesn't keep me up at night. But gay marriage is different. The fact that it is widely unpopular cannot obscure the fact that it is morally momentous and morally right. Liberals once lost elections for supporting civil rights as well and now look back on those losses as badges of honor. Eventually, since young people are far more tolerant of homosexuality than their parents, gay marriage will stop hurting Democrats at the polls. Until then, the party should try to win elections on other issues--and look forward to the day when conservatives apologize for trying to deny yet another group of Americans their full human rights.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The Second Term
I've gotten over the loss and started thinking about the next term of Bush. Invading North Korea or Iran is unlikely, given the amount of time we are dedicating to Iraq. I think this term will focus more on domestic policies. Roe V Wade, gay marriage, affirmative action, and SCOTUS appointments will likely dominate this term, all while Bush attempts to improve the economy.

If you need to be cheered up, think of this: Over the course of the last fifty years, every two-term president since Eisenhower has been involved in a serious scandal. Given the fierce partisan nature of the country right now, I predict Bush will follow this pattern.

What went wrong?
Looking at the numbers in several key states, it's very noticeable that more Republicans voted for Bush than Democrats voted for Kerry. This actually seems to be a deciding factor in several of these states. What does that mean? Well for one, it means Rove's "aggressively court the base while quietly shoring up the swing voter" strategy, though it was really the only thing he could do to get his base back, worked. And why shouldn't it? In a year when Democratic turnout was going to be huge, there was really no way to avoid defeat besides rallying the troops. This also explains how the Dems could lose with such a high turnout, which is typically considered favorable to Dems.

The Associated Press has reported that John Kerry has called George Bush at the White House and conceded. Welcome to four more years.

We Probably Lost
I'm not trying to say we're going to win this, but just after 1:30am on MSNBC it was announced that the airports were flooded with lawyers headed to Ohio. Tides may not end up turning our way, but a Kerry concession is not coming any time soon. This thing is far from over.

Why bother posting...
In a recent poll, it was discovered that 51% of American voters are borderline retarded.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Total bullshit.

Hannity talks to Rove
On FOX's front page is the transcript from last night's Hannity and Colmes. Notice that first, Rove thinks Bush will win. Well holy shit, looks like Kerry is screwed then. Second, notice that Hannity is on a first name basis with Rove. Interesting.

Exit polls favor Kerry
Sure, this is too early to mean anything (we all know Republicans sleep in), but it also doesn't account for rigged elections by both sides, which I assume will be the deciding factor.

Looking good!

A glitch in a voting machine at an early polling place in Volusia County, Fla., is forcing election officials to recount about 13,000 ballots, according to Local 6 News.

The ballots were removed from the City Island Library in Daytona Beach and transported to a secure vault in Deland after an optical scan machine failed.

A computer error is to blame for the failure of the memory card which records the voting data, Local 6 News reported.

The thousands of ballots will have to be resubmitted through voting machines Tuesday, according to Local 6 News.

Election Fraud
Drudge is reporting voting fraud in Philadelphia, where machines were spot-checked before voters came in at 7:00. These machines were found to have hundreds of votes pre-loaded onto the machine for Bush.
For constant updates on voter fraud and intimidation, Michael Moore will be posting reports on his website throughout the day.


Statement of Philadelphia City Commissioner Marge Tartaglione

Philadelphia, PA—In response to online reports alleging voter irregularities in Philadelphia, City Commissioner Marge Tartaglione, the official responsible for overseeing elections in the city, issued the following statement:

“Recent press reports have stated that machines in at least one precinct were not properly calibrated to ensure an accurate accounting of the number of votes cast.

“These allegations are completely unsubstantiated and have no factual basis whatsoever.”

It Begins...
The first results are in. According to MSNBC, a small town in New Hampshire gathered at midnight to vote. The results?

15 votes for Kerry
15 votes for Bush
1 vote for Nader

It's gonna be a long day...

Monday, November 01, 2004

The day before tomorrow
As the election draws near, one question looms: which states will have recounts? Well, leave it to Kick the Leftist to make the following shot in the dark: I think Ohio, Florida, and either Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or Colorado. If I'm right, I would appreciate it if I'm revered as a master of political analysis. If not, I'll probably delete this post.

Falluja beware!
It seems Allawi says action on Falluja is imminent. Kind of like when it was in April? I'm sure the insurgents are scared.

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Bush the Catholic

The quote below this picture on President Bush leaves Mass in Miami today with wife, Laura. Gov. Jeb Bush is in background.

I thought Bush was a Protestant? That is one hell of a flip-flop.