Friday, September 24, 2004

"Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness"
Oh, Republicans... You just had to beat us with the MS Word-produced documents, didn't you?

The Republican Party acknowledged yesterday sending mass mailings to residents of two states warning that "liberals" seek to ban the Bible. It said the mailings were part of its effort to mobilize religious voters for President Bush.

The mailings include images of the Bible labeled "banned" and of a gay marriage proposal labeled "allowed." A mailing to Arkansas residents warns: "This will be Arkansas if you don't vote." A similar mailing was sent to West Virginians.

A liberal religious group, the Interfaith Alliance, circulated a copy of the Arkansas mailing to reporters yesterday to publicize it. "What they are doing is despicable,'' said Don Parker, a spokesman for the alliance. "They are playing on people's fears and emotions."

Of course, as this was printed in the New York Times, no one who actually falls for this will read that it was a lie. Then again, I guess it wasn't really a big deal because anyone who actually believes that Kerry would ban the Bible was not going to vote for him anyway.

What the media's missing on Rumsfeld's comment
Most people can sense the lack of democracy present in Iraq if, as Rumsfeld says, violence causes a large number of people to be unable to vote. However, what most people (aside from some in the blogosphere) are missing is that this means that everyone who is in the peaceful areas will be the ones with the say - meaning the people who aren't really having any troubles. Meanwhile, the majority of the population, unable to vote but desperate to do something about their light, will be able to do nothing.

Taking a look at this map, maybe those hurricanes were more than coincidence?

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Kerry turning the tables
&c has a couple of posts on Kerry's latest attacks, and the fact that his campaign is actually making progress.

Windsurfing Is Unpresidential
A new Bush ad will show images of Kerry windsurfing, which somehow will allude to Kerry being a flip-flopper.

The image was simply too much for senior Bush media strategists to resist: Senator John F. Kerry windsurfing off Nantucket, his boat twisting back and forth in the gusty air, the very maneuver Republicans have accused the Democratic candidate of making on important policy issues for months.

''I thought it so perfectly conveyed the message," said senior adviser Mark McKinnon, who quickly grabbed the footage of Kerry, shot by news crews during the Republican National Convention, to turn it into a campaign advertisement.

Here's an idea for a response from Kerry's team: Get footage of Bush choking on that pretzel and then comment on how Bush has choked on every single thing he tried to do in his presidency.

Allawi speaks
The Iraqi PM thanked America for giving him a position of power in Iraq. Er, I mean, for liberating Iraq. Right.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

After the Log Cabin Republicans decided to endorse Kerry instead of Bush, who would have guessed that a subgroup, Abe Lincoln Black Republican Caucus, would go back and endorse Bush?

"We think that the 'Republican Tent' is inclusive and there is room for differences, but one does not pick up their marbles and go home if there are a few points of disagreement," stated Anthony Falls, Republican Precinct Chairman -- Dallas and the ALBRC National Spokesperson. "The ALBRC does not support marriage for gays, yet we do support and call for recognition of domestic partnerships," he stated.

Gay Black Republicans for Bush? Well, I suppose stranger things have hap... no, no wait. They haven't.

Poll Numbers Skewed
Feeling kind of dismal after reading all these polls with Bush in the lead? Read this article from Newsday. It might cheer you up a little...

Rich, Rich Irony
Lately, the news media has given us several instances of what would suffice as perfect definitions for irony. This one, regarding the story that was canned so CBS could air its piece on Bush's dismissal from the National Guard, may take the cake.

In its rush to air its now discredited story about President George W. Bush’s National Guard service, CBS bumped another sensitive piece slated for the same “60 Minutes” broadcast: a half-hour segment about how the U.S. government was snookered by forged documents purporting to show Iraqi efforts to purchase uranium from Niger.

So, CBS killed a story that was trying to show how easily the U.S. government put its faith into forged documents, and in its place, inserted a story that ended up showing that, in fact, it is CBS that too easily puts its faith into forged documents. Mr. Rather, take your pick: pot or kettle?

Swinger States
Here's one way to attract the youth vote. Trade sexual favors in exchange for pledges to vote against Bush.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

America's Most Wanted
The man who orchestrated the 9/11 attacks? Yeah, we're working on it...
The man who wrote "Wild World" and "Moonshadow"? Got 'em!

KtL Update
After six straight days of being without my computer, I am now back and regular blogging will now resume. Apologies for the delay.